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Bitmessage Mail Gateway Setup Guide

This Document briefly explains how to register and setting up your Account.
You cannot send Bitmessages from/to your regular E-Mail account, so read this carefully.

Registration with this Page

Registration is very easy and quick. You can register yourself on this page. Just enter a Password and your account is set up instantly. Sending and receiving Bitmessages usually works within 15 minutes. Your account cannot be restored if you lose your password or username.

Initial Configuration

Go to the E-Mail Administration and log in using your new E-mail address and Password.
Feel free to change any Settings you wish.
If you want to operate a Mailing List, see the FAQ for the required Settings.

Your address

You are now ready to go. Give People your Bitmessage address (the Part in front of the @) so they can reach you over bitmessage, give them the full address and they can send E-Mails to you. You can register one alias for your address.

Using the Web Mail

To access your E-Mail Account, go to the Webmail and log in using your Account data.
When Sending Messages to a Bitmessage user, it is recommended to use the Squirrel Webmail so the Message is more readable from Bitmessage clients.

Receiving Messages

Receiving Bitmessages and E-Mails is done automatically. You do not need to run any Application or client for it.

Sending Messages

Sending E-Mails works the regular way, enter the destination address(es) into the "To" Field and write your E-Mail.
Sending Bitmessage Messages is a bit more complicated, enter <BM-Addr> to reach a Bitmessage user, replacing "<BM-Addr>" with his Bitmessage address.
Please note: Bitmessage Addresses are case sensitive!

Using an E-Mail client

see the FAQ for the connection Parameters.

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