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Webmail access

Important informations.

Please select your option:
Send text only E-Mails / Bitmessages Send HTML formatted E-Mails / Bitmessages with attachments
Interface: Squirrel Mail

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Interface: Roundcube

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  • IMAP Support
  • Text only, no fonts
  • Multiple attachments (new)
  • Very simple interface
  • No javascript required
  • Message readable in Bitmessage
  • IMAP support
  • write HTML E-Mails with images and different fonts
  • Multiple attachments
  • Futuristic user interface with Drag & Drop
  • Javascript required
  • Message almost unreadable in Bitmessage without a proper client

Using the webmail requires you to accept "session cookies".
The session cookie is used to manage your webmail session. Once you close your browser, it is removed.

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